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        <h2>Peace of Mind with DMB Industries SA </h2>      
    As technology evolves, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with ongoing security and data compliance standards. Not to mention the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals. DMB Industries SA is the right partner to take the burden off your organization so your team can focus on your core business.        
        <h2>Test your Security Posture with our Maturity Assessment Tool</h2>       
    DMB Industries SA assists service-driven companies to understand the current state of their security posture. We provide visibility into the critical components that make up a mature security posture, and where your organisation can make improvements going forward. The results will help to get the conversation started, so our team of experts can help stabilise your overall infrastructure, ensure your team is educated and compliant, and keep your data protected at all times.</p>      
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        <h2>Our Security Services</h2>      
        <h2>Identify and mitigate your weaknesses with a Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scans are deep network, server, and security scans that will help to determine your level of vulnerability to cybercriminals, and mitigation methods to get back on the right track, going forward.

No matter how advanced you believe your security systems are, it’s important to test them from time to time. If you won’t, cyber criminals will.

Experience how cyber criminals work with Penetration Testing

IT professionals are essentially ethical hackers. We know how cyber criminals think, and we know exactly what kinds of vulnerabilities they will try to exploit given the opportunity. Penetration testing is an aggressive, proactive way to see how easy it is to hack into your systems, identify how it can be done, and how to mitigate such issues going forward.

Let us put your end users to the test!

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        <h2>Health Check Services for a bigger picture view of your environment

This is a service that provides a bird’s eye view of the overall health of your security environment. We will assess server and workstation patch levels, disk space, user accounts that aren’t logged in or used within your management console, and any regular maintenance issues that need to be addressed. We will then report back to you on how to address these issues and establish a plan going forward.

Security Support at every level.

At DMB Industries SA we offer a variety of Support options. Whether you’re having issues with your email, or your hardware or software seems to be buggy, our experts are available to assist your team with whatever issues may arise. Technology evolves and updates regularly, and it’s helpful to have access to a specific point of contact when this happens. That’s where we come in.

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