Onsite Consulting

            <h2>Developing relationships ...  Delivering results </h2>             
        <h2>Little things make big things happen...</h2>        
    DMB Industries SA onsite consulting services offer senior IT consultants to help empower your team with the latest technology for you to maintain operations with minimal disruptions or downtime.</p>      
        <h2>Implementing Faveo Help Desk and Service Desk </h2>     
    <p>Help your team stay organised and keep tabs on customer service. Faveo can be customised to a very large extent according to your business requirements. Our system is a Web-based support ticket system, Easy to install, easy to use cost-effective ticket management solution for startups and SME’s. 

We have an application that helps organisations to set up a knowledge base and share information with staff & customers.

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        <h2>Asset Management</h2>       
    <p>CMDB (Configuration management database), Configuration items (CI) tracking, Asset Management.</p>       
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        <h2>Change Management

Plan, track and rollback changes, Change approval with custom workflow

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SLA Management

Faveo comes loaded with integrated time-assigned resolution and support system based on defined Service Leval Agreement (SLA).

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Our Process


Site survey & Needs analysis

We work with you to understand your customer service processes and design a plan for your implementation.

Configure / Develop

With your process in mind we configure and setup Faveo Help Desk | Service Desk for your team. We configure your support processes from start to finish, entitlements, SLAs and any other needs that were identified to support your customer service team and customers.

Data Migration

We will move your old data to Faveo so your team is ready to use Faveo right away.

User Training

With Faveo fully configured, integrated and ready for your customer service agents our team will ensure that your users are ready to leverage the power of Faveo. We complete in-person or remote training with all of your users and work to support users after the system is live to ensure you achieve full user adoption on Faveo.

Help your team stay organised

Hosted ticketing system with Knowledge base, Ticket management, Asset Management and  SLA Management. 

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