Network Monitoring

            <h2>Analysing and monitoring one packet at a time</h2>             
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        <h2>Network Traffic Analysis</h2>       
    Network Traffic Analysis is the process of recording, reviewing and analyzing network traffic for the purpose of performance, security, and general network operations and management. A combination of manual and automated techniques are utilized to review all the nitty gritty details and stats of your organization’s network traffic.</p>       
    <p>DMB Industries SA  Security experts can help you better understand and evaluate your network utilisation, download/upload speeds, type, size, origin, destination, and content and data packets. The primary reason for this is to identify malicious and/or suspicious packets, but it can also be used to help understand network operations by monitoring download/upload speeds, throughput, content, and more.

Network traffic analysis is also used by cyber criminals to analyse network traffic patterns and identify exploitable vulnerabilities to break in or retrieve sensitive data. It’s our job at to be one step ahead of them.

Security Policy Optimisation

We can provide expert analysis and comprehensive, best-practice recommendations to ensure that your security policy is comprehensive and compliant.

We will…

  • Interview key contacts within your company regarding issues that affect your firewalls
    security policy
  • Review your current policies
  • Provide an implementation plan to realign your security policy with your business
    objectives, making your environment easier to support and maintain
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        <h2>Customizable Reports

Every organisation is different, and when it comes to Network Monitoring, your organisation may have specific data that are of more concern than others. We offer customised network traffic reports based on your unique business needs, at whatever frequency you prefer.

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