Network Security

The Simplest and Most Secure UTM Easy to use security appliances available as hardware, software or virtual

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Complete network security provides advanced features like web filtering, email filtering, firewall, hotspot (captive portal) and intrusion prevention with deep-packet inspection and so much more. It also provides network segregation to keep your internal networks safe and secure.

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Endian provides endless options in terms of connetivity including Ethernet, WIFI and USB 3G/4G modems. In addition, you can provision remote access using IPSec and SSL (OpenVPN) VPN with support for both site-to-site and remote user connections.

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Using Endian UTM, your setup time is minutes (not hours) and with our intuitive web-based interface you can greatly reduce your network management time and costs. Protect and connect your network so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Need Network Security?

Not sure where to get started when it comes to Endian UTM? Download the complete network security brochure to see all the UTM products and features.

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Endian UTM Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the security needs of everyone, from branch offices to medium and large networks.

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Endian UTM Virtual Appliance

Protect your virtual networks and infrastructure in seconds. Support for all the leading hypervisor-based virtualization platforms (VMware, Xen/XenServer/KVM).

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Endian UTM Software Appliance

Turn your favorite or existing hardware into a full-featured Endian UTM appliance. Scale your hardware resources up or down to suite your business network needs.

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Endian UTM Highlights

Protect and connect your network so you can get back to focusing on your business.

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Application Control

Take control of the network by properly managing time-wasting, high bandwidth or non-business applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and over 150 more. Endian makes it simple to manage applications on your network with just a few clicks, increasing productivity has never been easier.

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Mail and Web Security

Protect your employees from web and email threats like viruses, malware, phishing, spam and even policy violations and in the process increase productivity. Complete web security provides over 100+ million categorized URL and domains. Flexible web policies allow you to build rules based on users, groups, date, time and much more. Our email filtering stops spam and viruses in their tracks and keeps your mail servers and users protected.

Network Security 2

Secure Remote Access

Business happens everywhere and you need a solution to allow your business to stay connected and be protected from network threats. Our UTM solution provides both site-to-site, to connect multiple offices together, and remote access (road warrior) secure connectivity options that are sure to meet your needs. In addition, our solution delivers strong access control including two-factor authentication and encryption which can help minimize data loss and/or inappropriate access.

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Live Network Monitoring and Reporting

Do you know what’s happening on your network? If not, your business could be losing valuable time and money. Our solution provides real-time and historical information to help you easily stay on top of your network activity and stop network abuse quickly.

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Wi-Fi and Bring Your Own Device

Are you getting the most from your WIFI or guest networks? The Endian Hotspot solution can help protect those networks and offer them secure, separated Internet access all while maximizing their potential value to your business.

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Centralized Network Management

Centrally manage all your Endian appliances. Reduce administrator management time and effort and save valuable staff resources with centralized management made easy with Endian Management Center (EMC).